A brand-new heart-pounding techno-thriller from Keith Thomson, New York Times bestselling author of Once a Spy.

7 Grams of Lead tells the story of a national security reporter who learns that a subminiature electronic eavesdropping device has been implanted in his head. His subsequent investigation catapults him into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a mysterious intelligence agency.

"Seven Grams of Lead is one of the more sophisticated and slick spy thrillers I've read in ages. The plot has enough believability to be disconcerting and the high tech details are fascinating…" Carole Barrowman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [full review]

"Catnip for the Bourne crowd, with subcutaneous implants, listening stations, dead drops, black sites, gunplay, double agents, and gadgets galore. And the human intelligence is even more captivating…I'll take good dialogue over exploding pens any day, but Thomson doesn't ask readers to choose."
    --Michael Robbins, Chicago Tribune [full review]

"A hyperspeed, high-tech thriller."—The Birmingham News

"[Thomson] writes fluid, vivid prose, good dialogue and first-rate action scenes.”—Washington Post
“Thomson is now on my shortlist of authors I will drop whatever I'm doing to read.”—Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine