What to Do with an Abandoned Cement Mixer

Abandoned cement mixer uglying a roadside near you? Here's an idea from Winganon, Oklahoma, where a cement truck rolled over on the side of the road fifty years ago. The owner retrieved the truck, but left the mixer because it was full of heavy concrete.

Recently, a local couple used some cans, garden hose and other things they had around the house to turn it into a space capsule. The result:

Wonder if, within the next fifty years, a couple of Winganonians will figure out how to get it into space.

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How to Draw a Plane

Click to play 15-second tutorial:

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The Truth about the UFO in China

This flying saucer photo, taken the other day in Shandong province and now making the rounds of UFO conspiracy sites, is 100% legit. Not a single pixel Photoshopped. But it's an incomplete picture—literally. Scroll down to see why.

In fact the "saucer" is an 1,798,000-LB containment dome being hoisted onto a new reactor at the Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant in east China's Shandong province.

The next question is how are they hoisting a 1,798,000-LB containment dome? 1,798,000-LBs is the approximate weight of four 103-foot Titan II rockets. Alien technology?

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Third Grade Project

"I got this off the Internet, Dad. My idea is to have one that shoots out even more blue fire. You just need to get a 3-D printer to print it out and call that Skunk Works guy you know to make us an engine. Have him FedEx it here ’cause this is due tomorrow. And we probably need to get a booster seat."

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